Why We’re Backing Mainstream


Ian Austin

Ian has been the Member of Parliament for Dudley North since 2005. He resigned from the Labour party in February 2019 to sit as an independent. He is the Chairman of Mainstream – the campaign against extremism.

“Who would have thought we’d be seeing extremism and racism in politics in this day and age? We’ve set up Mainstream to oppose extremism wherever it comes from. I hope everyone who wants to support our country’s mainstream values in political and public life will join us.”

Lord Eric Pickles

Eric is the United Kingdom Special Envoy for Post-Holocaust Issues and a Life Peer. Prior to that he was a Conservative MP for Brentwood and Ongar from 1992-2017.

“Having witnessed the growth of Antisemitism with it’s accompanying bigotry, intolerance and hatred I am worried that the language of extremism has become a part of public life. This cannot be allowed to continue. Mainstream is precisely the type of movement we need to push back on this, and other, disturbing trends.”

Rachel Riley

Rachel is a television presenter and mathematician who presents Countdown, Channel 4’s daytime game show.

“With racist extremists taking their vile hatred from the pages of social media to the halls of their local councils, now is the time for decent people to stand up and fight back. I am delighted to see an organisation like Mainstream give Brits the opportunity to do just that.”

Sir Norman Lamb

Norman is a solicitor who has served as a Liberal Democrat in the House of Commons since 2001.

“During a moment in time where divisiveness, partisanship, and in-fighting have become the political norm, it is most refreshing to see a new organization whose aim is to come together on consensus based ideas that connect people across the political spectrum.”

Maureen Lipman

Maureen is an actress, comedian and columnist, having stared in film, theatre, and television. She received a CBE in 1999.

“I am deeply troubled by what I see in modern day politics, and the impact it is having on society as a whole. In this difficult moment we need a common cause for decency that people of all political stripes can believe in, which is precisely what drew me to Mainstream, a movement I am pleased to support.”

Rabbi Jonathan Hughes

Jonathan is an Orthodox Rabbi at Radlett Synagogue, located in Hertfordshire, England.

“With antisemitism on an uptick that is reminiscent of a much darker time in our history, we need to do everything we can to stop this disease from metastasising further. I am proud to support a movement, Mainstream, whose aim is to do just that.”

Michael McCann

Michael is the Director of the Israel-Britain Alliance. Prior to that Michael served as a Labour MP for East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow from 2010-2015.

“As someone who saw firsthand both extremism and radical ideas overtake one of world’s great political parties, I am elated to see the emergence of Mainstream, whose vision and values have been desperately needed.”

Ivan Lewis

Ivan is an Independent MP for Bury South. He spent his first two decades in Parliament as a member of the Labour party, resigning from the party in December 2018.

“When the history books are written about politics in 2019, there will be a shining light standing out amongst the darkness – Mainstream. I am proud to join a cause bringing civility and decency back into the political discourse.”

Mike Gapes

Mike has represented Ilford South in Parliament since 1992. Gapes was a member of the Labour Party until February 2019, when he left to form The Independent Group for Change Party.

“Sadly, far too many people around the world are forced to live under the rule of dictators and authoritarians. Those of us with the good fortune to live in a democracy have an obligation to call out extremism, whether it is support for dictators abroad or allowing racism to fester at home – which is precisely what Mainstream is doing.”

Ann Coffey

Ann has been Member of Parliament for Stockport since 1992. Serving as a Labour MP for 27 years, she left the party earlier this year to join The Independent Group for Change Party.

“Like so many in the UK who are alarmed by political developments and searching for a return to decency and consensus in political life, I view the emergence of Mainstream as a breath of fresh air, and I am looking forward to seeing it set a new tone in the fight against extremism in this wonderful, moderate land.”

Mainstream will promote respectable and responsible politics wherever we can, and oppose extremism – wherever it comes from. We encourage everyone who wants to support our country’s mainstream values in political and public life to join us.

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